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The silence WAS deafening. 

Disgraced Democrat Carl Kruger cut a plea deal with the Federal Government on the corruption charges against him weeks ago.  Yet, Governor Cuomo waited until recently to call for a Special Election to fill the void left by yet another dishonest Democratic politician. 

In fact, he's STILL yet to say a word about anything related to Carl Kruger.  So what gives?

Are the Democrats scared that the rising Republican tide that swept Bob Turner into Congress would also further solidify the Republican majority in the State Senate? If that's the case, then voters should be outraged that their voice is being suppressed.

NYSYR put pressure on the Governor, joining the call of Republicans and residents of the district who called Governor Cuomo at (518) 474-8390 or contacted him online to let him know that we DEMANDED that he schedule the 27th Senate Special Election immediately!  Our video was covered by state-wide media and was viewed by hundreds of concerned citizens. 

Thank you for your support - now, on to another victory!


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